Nottingham University Society of Change Ringers

About us

We are church bell-ringers, made up of students from both The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, welcoming locals at university age too! NUSCR has members ranging from the absolute beginner to those who have been ringing for years, and all levels of ability (and enthusiasm) in-between!

We ring every Tuesday evening from 19:00 until 20:30 (in term time) at All Saints Church, Radford, and for Sunday services, from 10:00 until 10:30. Though naturally, the pub is where you're most likely to find us!

To get in contact with us, find us on Facebook or email using the button below!

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How to find us

With the help of google maps, the church is easy to find, see below!

Our Committee

Elected in February, this year's committee members are:

Ringing Master Secretary Treasurer
Ben Rothwell

(Ben From Lincolnshire)

Eleanor Lucas Charlie Satchwell

We also have social secs, steeple keepers and many other committee positions which all help keep the society active and running.

Our Peals & Notable Quarter Peals

Event Reports

Summer Tour 2022!
Dinner Day 2022!
NUA 2018!
Fresher's Tour 2018!



Lockdown Shenanigans

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, NUSCR is very much alive, and the usual levels of lunacy continue!

If the highlights below dont quite satisfy you, click here for a full report on what we've been up to

Lets get quizzical

Starting tame, we began amusing ourselves with a seleciton of quizzes, starting with a quiz from NUSCR's Steeple Keeping Couple, Alex and Ed. over the next few weeks we got quizzed on a variety of topics ranging from All Saints to "Who's this Silhouette"

Minty's Drag Bingo

The Fabulous Drag superstar that is Minty Vagine (Chris Gray) very generously decided to run our own bingo session. With prizes. Through 3 games, each of us rushed to get our hands-on balls of wool, aged PC games and the grand prize of toilet paper. As one of our first online sessions, Minty really started off this era with a bang (and two little ducks).

A Short Touch of Bristol Live Reading

Adorned in a red velvet dressing gown, on a leather armchair, whiskey in hand, in front of a blazing fire. The one and only Jacob Blackwell read to us the erotic tale that is “A short Touch of Bristol: A Romance” by Carbaretta Bartland. With Miss Estella Haynes assisting with the more high-pitched characters, Jacob enthralled us in the world of St James the Dismembered’ s practice night. Full of every innuendo you have ever laughed at on a ringing night and more, the words of this book touch you in all the right places.

Would I lie to you?

Hosted by NUSCR’s finest, Jacob Blackwell. Would I Lie to you, for those uncultured enough to never have watched it, is somewhat based off of the concept of two truths and a lie. As it happens, yes, we would most definitely would try to lie to you. However, none of us appear to be very good at it. Among the revelations was one that stuck in my head in particular. Apparently, Estella likes to eat cat food when camping, who knew?

Task Master

With Chloe taking the place of Greg Davies, and her lowly subordinate Nick taking the place of Little Alex Horne, each of us presented her excellency with a video of us completing a set task. From extreme housekeeping to most surprising item under a piece of paper, we came up with a lot of admittedly quite random answers. We took inspiration from the online sensation Tik Tok, from gymnastics and from the sheer weirdness that is our imagination. Cartwheeling, singing, and generally endangering ourselves onto the wall of fame (aka the NUSCR Facebook) we embarrassed ourselves enough for a whole decade. Not that we wouldn’t usually do just that on a normal night out.